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The 3 Different Types of Marketing – And Which one to Focus On

A photo for a blog about the 3 different types of marketing, taught by Jay Ashcroft of four32 Media, a professional videographer, photographer and marketing specialist who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

A modern day business requires three things to be considered successful – these include a product or service to sell, customers to sell these things too, and profits that allow the business to grow and thrive.


Let’s touch on the second of these three necessities – customers to sell these things to.


When we’re considering the scalability of a business, we need to think about our marketing strategies and how we’re sharing the news about our products and services.


In each and every market, there are consumers who want what you have to sell – but they need to know about it in order for them to make a purchase – this is why we market. And the way that we market will dictate the quality of customers we bring to our doorstep.


Let’s dive into the 3 different types of marketing – and which ones to focus on.


1.    Digital Marketing. This is the realm of everything online. It generally tends to focus heavily on content creation, and uses specific messaging and repetition to share ideas with consumers.


Some examples of digital marketing platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, your website, Google posting and advertising, newsletters, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and X (Twitter… Thanks Elon).


Each and every one of these platforms is going to require different strategies and methods of sharing and growth – but the big thing to remember here is that consistency is key. Create honest, and forward thinking content, share it with your growing audience and include some calls to action.


All of these platforms should be intertwined.


For example, your website can have videos on it which are hosted by YouTube. A website visitor can click on one of these videos and be brought to your YouTube, where they can watch more vids.


Then maybe they’re checking out your profile, and there’s links to your Instagram and Facebook. The idea is that the viewer clicks on, say your Instagram, spends some time there scoping you out – and then when they’re wrapping up, there’s a link in your bio back to your website, where they’re able to navigate to your contact page and fill out a form.


In digital marketing, there’s no such thing as too much – and your efforts always compound over time.


2.    Physical Marketing. This is the realm of everything in the physical reality that we occupy. It’s the bus stop ads you see for real estate agents. It’s the billboards and the like.


But maybe you don’t want to use big signs. Well there’s plenty of other physical marketing assets, and you may be using some of them already.


I’m talking wrapped commercial vehicles, business cards, pamphlets and mailers or even doing physical events, like a home show if you’re a contractor.


Physical marketing is an old school method of sharing your business with the public, but it’s more powerful than ever. Using physical marketing is smart – people are so used to seeing everything online now, that if you’re able to interrupt their physical plane of view, they’re more likely to remember to give you a call when they need something done in your niche.


3.    Word of Mouth. This is the last type of marketing that we can use – and quite honestly it’s the best that there is.


There are certain businesses out there that don’t even need to use physical or digital marketing anymore, because the general public has worked up such hype around their brand – they’re just booked out for years in advance.


Physical and digital marketing just become more of a game of maintenance – making sure that their authority in the industry is withheld.


When you’re new to town and you’re looking for the best auto shop or flooring company, what do you do? You ask around. So, as a business owner – use physical and digital marketing, get as many clients as possible – and do an outstanding job for them.


If you did a great job for someone, they’ll tell 10 people. If you did a bad job, they’ll tell 100.


If you’re new to the business game – truth be told you need to be spreading yourself out and trying a little bit of everything. Think about it like maybe going to University and you’re not sure exactly what to focus on.


Try a number of these methods, and then really narrow your focus in on whatever starts to give you some solid results. You’re going to be testing, collecting data, and then applying what you learn.


Remember, you’re wanting to get as much business as you can, to get as many people talking about you as you can. Once the word of mouth marketing starts to kick in, you’re laughing. At that point the digital and physical marketing efforts are just regular maintenance.


Enjoy the process, and if you need a hand with your business in Toronto, Orillia, Barrie or Muskoka, give four32 MEDIA a call today.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA      


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