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Audience Building – Spread Your Presence Across All Platforms

A photo for a blog about building an audience on social media, taught by Jay Ashcroft of four32 Media, a professional videographer, photographer and marketing specialist who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

As human beings, we’re all extremely different – but the modern day man and woman has one commonality – we all look at and watch things online. And if there’s those rare breeds who don’t, then you’re not selling to them anyway.


Now, we have no real way of knowing who’s going to be using what platform, and to what extent – however we can make small estimates and make sure all of our bases are covered.


Let’s go over audience building, and why you should spread your presence across all platforms.


You see, kids are on Tik Tok, older folks hang out on Facebook – and everyone uses Instagram and YouTube to an extent.


I can’t speak much for Tik Tok, as I truly believe that it’s a secret Chinese brainwashing tool (I’m half joking) – so we’ll stick to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


When we’re creating for these platforms, we need to know our audience and speak to them. Instagram likes to see photo carousels and short 7 second to 1 minute reels.


On Facebook, we’ll be wanting to share photo albums, links to other interesting content and 1 – 5 minute videos.


YouTube is the home of long form content, and of shorts – however I would recommend choosing one direction over the other.


The short form content game is a challenge in and of itself, so pick long form or short form and roll with it.


Now, where does spreading your presence across all platforms come in handy? In your content and your descriptions, you should be mentioning your other platforms and handles as well.


Build audiences on certain apps, and then transfer those followers over to your other channels.


Doing this will help to build a well-rounded and loyal following.


Think about some of the bigger accounts that you follow. I’ll use Whistlindiesel for example. I have him on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook – and each one of those channels is constantly churning out the appropriate content.


He even has a new channel called Whistlindiesel1000 – an off brand where Cody can express himself a little more without pressure from brand deal stipulations.


Do this same thing for your business. Build audiences on different platforms, and as you find more and more success on one or the other, transfer those followers over to your other accounts.


One last thing that should be tied into all of this is to make it known that you have a website. You want traffic on your site, something external from these social apps.


Let’s again look to Whistlindiesel. He has a website called On this site he mainly sells merch. Perfect.


Now what can you offer on your site? Why would people want to visit it? Remember this is mostly for brand awareness, and sometimes for profits.


I would recommend having a blog on your site – but not a selfish blog about random bullshit. It should be educational and informative.


It benefits you because it shows the potential customer who they’re dealing with. It benefits the potential customer because it gives them valuable information they can apply to their everyday life.


The best part is that by blog writing, you’ll get to know even more about your business than you thought you did, and you can repurpose the writing to make new content by sharing exciting ideas with your audiences.


So, build up separate audiences on multiple platforms and self-promote! It’s the name of the game, and this slow burn style of organic growth is not only accurate and respectable – it’s scalable.


If you need a hand with building up your audiences online, you know we’re the go to guys. Reach out for a chat.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA

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