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How to Grow Organically on Instagram – Share Value, Keep ‘Em Coming Back and Get Social

A photo for a blog about how to grow organically on instagram, taught by Jay Ashcroft of four32 Media, a professional videographer, photographer and marketing specialist who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

So how do you grow organically on Instagram? Well, to keep it quite simple – just do the work. Show up every day and commit to the process. Instagram as a tool has evolved quite a bit from what it traditionally was.


Upon its creation, Instagram was a photo sharing app. This was the place for people’s dogs, their avocado toast and their babies.


Now, flash forward – we’re in a whole new world – and not that much time has even gone by.


Attention is the new non-renewable resource. It’s more valuable than oil and precious metals. If you can command attention, you can create custom products and services for your audience.


Just think about how powerful that is!


Now, this is all great for folks who live in the online space and are building an internet business or a personal brand, but what about local physical businesses?


Well, the same rules and benefits apply. Build a loyal following, share thought provoking messages, grow your business.


But, can’t you just buy followers?


Yes – yes, you certainly can. You can actually buy followers. And they’ll even comment on your posts and like them as well. But what’s the point, really? Sure, you get some social proof, but they aren’t real.


That’s like building a concrete foundation out of wood. It won’t be long before the whole thing rots from the inside out and the house collapses.


Instead? Follow these 3 tips. They’re sure to help build an organic audience, one follower at a time.


1.    Add value. This is your first responsibility to your followers as you’re collecting and connecting them. You want to positively affect people’s lives. Think of the core 3 – health, wealth and relationships. Can you land in one of these areas? Even if the benefits fall into one of these areas seemingly by accident, that’s okay (like benefiting mental health, or using social media tips to eventually gain more wealth). Whatever the case, try to land in one of them.


Educate people about what you do, teach them how to do it for themselves. Entertain them, make them laugh and feel good. They’ll appreciate you for it. Remember, as a creator – you’re a dopamine dealer.


2.    Keep them coming back. If someone comes across a piece of your content, the idea is that they love it so much, they don’t want to miss the next time you post – so they’ll follow you.


Think about some of the accounts that you follow. What intrigues you? Why did you follow them? Throw up a lot of stories, and post every single day about the things that interest you.


I see so many businesses only use their Instagram for making announcements like “Holiday special! One week only” or “Thanks for the support!” Just basic, average garbage that no one actually cares about.


It’s like going to a concert and it’s supposed to be Neil Young. But then you find out it’s just a Beatles cover band. I don’t know how you got that so mixed up, but you know. That sucks. It kind of takes away the energy, no? Makes the experience kind of chintzy.


Be authentic! Share real things. Let your employees be themselves, and you be yourself too.  


3.    Be social. Social media is a social place. Use it, and initiate conversations. Look, to be honest I stay off of it for the most part. No mindless scrolling, no checking in for no real reason.


But something that I do is intentionally look for accounts that seem like my ideal client, my own little client avatars, and I initiate some sort of connection. This usually includes liking a few of their posts, commenting on one and following them.


Nine times out of 10, this person feels the need to reciprocate. They come to my account, do the same thing and I’ve gained a new follower.


Imagine how quickly you could grow if you did this for even 5 minutes every day or two? Try it out!


And really, that’s all there is to it. That’s all you need to do to grow an organic audience on Instagram. Growing an audience is a slow burn, and it’s a time investment, for sure. But – this process seems to have a compound effect, in that the more followers you receive, the higher your level of social proof, and then others see you as an authority.


When you get up over 1000 followers, people who are new to your account are more likely to give you a follow themselves, because 1000 other people already like you. They automatically trust that you’ll deliver good content to them, because so many others are checking in on what you’re up to.


Other than that, reach out today if you need a hand with this process. It’s a lot of effort over the long run, and it takes some time. four32 MEDIA loves working with businesses to help grow and improve their online presence.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA


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