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How to Get More Traction on an Instagram Post – Posting as a Collaborator

A photo for a blog about why you should post on Instagram as a collaborator, taught by Jay Ashcroft of four32 Media, a professional videographer, photographer and marketing specialist who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

I know you’ve heard of tagging other profiles when you’re throwing up a photo carousel or a reel, but have you heard of posting as a collaborator? This is definitely the best kept secret in how to get more traction on an Instagram post.


If you’re wanting to grow your following, and increase the impact of your messages, then give this a try.


About a year ago, one of our clients, SteveBuilt, took on a new project. They had just started working with this company called Man Power Demolition, and we did a collaborator Reel for the job.


The Reel was a walk and talk with both company owners – going over some of the specifics of the project. It was an open and candid conversation about what they both bring to the table on the build.


Man Power is one of those companies who has really leaned into their brand – and pushes their social media hard. They do it right, and there’s lots of walk and talk video content on their feed.


Their Instagram Page has 43k followers, and their average post gets anywhere from 200 to 1000 likes. So – awesome opportunity for a collaborator post, right?


What posting like this does is it throws the reel up on your feed as well as your collaborators. Generally, SteveBuilt’s reels get anywhere from 200 – 1000 plays and maybe 30 or 40 likes.


This reel got nearly 6000 plays and about 160 likes. Not bad! So it's pretty clear here that if you choose your collaborator wisely, you’ll do quite well with your results.


And if you choose really wisely, the benefits will start to trickle into physical results and new opportunities.


Man Power have a lot of followers and interactions on their posts, however because they are a demolition company, most of their audience consists of guys in the construction industry.


SteveBuilt looks for new clients who are homeowners. So they see his work, fall in love with it and want to do a project with him.


A wise collaboration for SteveBuilt would be to make some reels with an interior designer or architectural designer who has a huge following. If they were to make enough of these, that designer's audience would see the SteveBuilt brand as a contractor they can trust, because their beloved designer knows and trusts them.


What’s further, if the designer could do a shout out for SteveBuilt and ask their audience to go and follow him, it would be quite a well-performing initiative.


If you’d like to do this for yourself – take a look around and see who might be a good opportunity to collaborate with.


Think honestly about your industry, and choose someone who has a decent following, but it’s not so inflated that they would be impossible to reach. Think about your bartering chip and why it might be beneficial for them to work with you.


Do you have specific and interesting knowledge that they might find valuable? Do you have access to a professional videographer who might be able to help with making this collaborative reel? The list goes on and on.


Choose someone to work with and try it out!


If you’re in the neighbourhood and need a hand with this, reach out today. four32 MEDIA works with businesses in Toronto, Barrie, Orillia, Muskoka and the surrounding areas to help meet their marketing goals.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft


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