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How Often to Post on Social Media – The Value of Daily Posting

A photo for a blog about how often you should be posting on social media, taught by Jay Ashcroft of four32 Media, a professional videographer, photographer and marketing specialist who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

Using social media as a marketing strategy is a long term game, and isn’t something to be overlooked.


As we move deeper and deeper into the information age, we’re developing a new form of value, and new structures are replacing the old.


Just look at Kylie Jenner or Mr. Beast. The relevance of the industrial era is dying off, and a new age is being born. It’s still in its infancy, and you can get in on the ground floor while this thing goes up.


A new precious resource is growing in value and you’re in luck – with the formation of a few good habits, you can enjoy the benefits as well.


The resource I’m talking about is attention. How to get it, how to keep it and how to monetize it can be learned rather quickly, and I’m happy to share a few tips with you on how to do so.


You see, as we all know, oil was always the most valuable commodity – since the dawn of the industrial revolution – but now, there are kids who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, and millions per year – online.


Kids, man! On YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. These kids are making their millions in ad revenue, brand deals, as well as monetizing their audience – meaning: they grow their audience to millions of follows or subscribers and then develop products to sell to them. That’s it.


Traditional marketing is a slow burn. You have to conduct tests in your messaging, you have to spend a lot of money and do a lot of comparative analysis.


You then also have to take that data, and know how to shift to get the most ROI on your marketing and advertising efforts.


It’s tireless work – no wonder it’s so expensive!


These influencers skip all of that struggle. They simply create products and services that they already know their audience will buy – because the product or services resonate with the influencer's personality – and then they sell them to their custom built market. It’s brilliant. And you’re going to do the same thing.


So, let’s look at you – business owner. Don’t you think you’d be in better shape than most if you could somehow get your Instagram following to somewhere in the thousands?


You’re damn right you would be!


And here’s the best way to do it. Post every day. Follow people back when they follow you, and make sure to interact with them in the comments and like a few of their posts when they follow you as well.


Post content that you love, and you’ll attract the right audience. Regarding your following list, comb through this once a month or so and trim the fat. Follow only accounts that you want to.


Generally, people will follow you – appreciate that you liked one or two of their posts and then forget about it.


The biggest thing here though – is posting every day. And no, it’s not out of vanity. It’s not to “get more likes or comments”.


The reason you’re posting daily on social media is to instill it as a habit, a routine and to develop your own personal voice. You’re simply getting your reps in.


God speed! And if you need a hand with this, please reach out at any time. We love this stuff!


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft,

Four32 MEDIA    


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