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Quantity vs. Quality – Why Working in Quantity is the Only Way to Make Quality

A photo for a blog that’s about choosing quantity over quality when it comes to gaining followers on social media, taught by Jay Ashcroft of four32 Media, a professional videographer, photographer and marketing specialist who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

Quantity vs. quality. It’s an age old argument that will never be settled. And while I’m sure many have their strong opinions based on their own individual experiences, I’ll be so bold as to say that you really do need both – at least for a while.


The most important part of a process or endeavour is simply beginning. As such, you need to dive right in and make a lot happen, really quickly to build some momentum.


Let’s look at a content posting habit for social media.


Your business has been around for quite a while, and you’re reaching the point where you want to grow and expand.


So, just push yourself to post every single day. Roll with it – no resistance.


If you feel the urge to back down and judge yourself, commenting “oh, it’s just not good enough,” ignore that and push forward. That’s just an excuse.


By posting content every day and watching individuals interact with it, you can run live, real life tests to come to conclusions about which directions to take.


Did that post do well? Amazing – do more of them and iron out the kinks. Did another post do not so great? That’s okay. Maybe sprinkle one or two more in with that same style in mind – just to be sure, and then abandon it all together.


By posting regularly, all you’re doing is getting your reps in. Participate in the social space. Spend time responding to comments and noticing who liked your boosted posts.


Go to the pages of these folks, give them a follow – like a few of their posts and leave a comment on something.


They’ll appreciate it and follow you back.


Regarding “posting too much” or “being overwhelming” – just get that out of your head. You’re thinking too small.


An active online presence is such a good thing – don’t overlook it. And think big. Think international. Don’t just think about being attractive to the small town that you live in.


Reframe it like this.


Say you’re a landscaping company. Yes. You do need to attract people in your community to land new clients. But listen, social media posting shouldn’t be your only way of doing that.


You should also be posting on Google, maybe doing Google ads and a blog, some physical marketing in the form of flyers and word of mouth stuff.


Run sponsorship banners in physical spaces and put decals on your trucks.


Leave signs up on lawns when you’re done with their project. Anything that comes to mind.


Now, shift your attention back to social media. What is it really? Your followers, the content itself? It’s just a public, online resume. That’s it! Your followers act as your social proof. It shows the consumer that you’re a brand that can be trusted and looked to regarding your industry.


Then there's content itself. If there’s a lot of it, and it’s all pretty good and professional looking – then people will want to follow you to see more of it. It will add value to their lives, and they’ll simply want more.


Okay, so we’ve established the fact that your Instagram. for example, is a powerful online resume. Now let’s get away from the thought of just speaking to the locals.


Speak to the world! Don’t just talk to Jim and Bob in the middle of butt fuck nowhere. Appeal to the entire landscaping industry of the world as a whole.


Be entertaining and funny if that’s your thing. Talk about your equipment and make it interesting. Make it strictly educational and informative, or make it inspirational as you talk about your trials and tribulations as a business owner. Or make it a combination of all these things.


Make it relatable and make it consistent.


What’s better – having 1,000 followers who are all local and you’re maybe getting some of their business?




Having 10,000 followers from all over the place, some of them are local – most of them aren’t?


Obviously 10,000 – because you’re getting all of this amazing social proof and hype around your brand. By appealing to a widespread audience, locals then see this and get excited to work with you.


They think “oh wow, they must be pretty special, that landscaping company there.”


And you are. It’s not petty, it’s important. 10,000 people decided that the information that you share is valuable – and their choice to follow you will reaffirm to every potential client who visits your feed that you’re the obvious choice for their landscaping needs.


Put some effort into your organic marketing. Be the professional you are and share with the public. All it takes is some time upfront, and it pays you back dividends over the years.


If you need help with setting up your processes and getting started on this journey, then please reach out for a chat. I’m always happy to help.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA


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