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How to Get More Variety in Your Content – Change it up and Keep Your Audience Engaged

A photo for a blog about why it’s important to have variety in your social media content, taught by Jay Ashcroft of four32 Media, a professional videographer, photographer and marketing specialist who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

When you’re making digital content to share on Instagram or Facebook, there certainly is something to be said for choosing a style and rolling with it.




Should you marry that style? Should you pick something that you do and then stick to it – no matter what?


I say no, and here’s why.


We all crave variety. We all need it, and we all want it. In the same way that we can go nose blind to the stench of cat litter and wet dog in our homes, we can also go blind to the value in digital content.


What does this mean? It means we need to keep our audience on its toes. Switch it up, keep engagement high – and let value remain at the forefront of your intentions when you’re distributing your marketing material.


Now, all this being said – it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t heir on the side of familiarity as well. Something else we crave is the known – we like to have expectations and have them fulfilled.


So, hold the gel together by using the same phrases in each video, by making the same faces or using the exact same outro bumper on every video.


Doing this will remind your viewer that they’re in the right place, and will help them to feel comfortable as they consume your new content.


The basic idea is to keep it fresh, new and exciting – while also making it feel like that comfortable old worn-in pair of boots or sneakers. There’s something about them that just feels right. Wearing them is an endless source of comfort. Stick to this mentality.


Here’s how to get more variety in your content.


Choose different spaces to film and photograph in. When we regularly switch up our backdrops or scenes, we’re giving our audience more information to absorb. It keeps them engaged, but feeling comfortable in knowing that it’s you taking them to this new space.


Have guests work with you – share the screen with other individuals to help create new perspectives for audiences. When you (the main character) are interacting with other characters, you’ll be more relatable and viewers can see themselves in the shoes of others more easily.


Use different types of content. For example, if you’re an interior designer – post photos of a finished home for a week straight. The next week, post photos of your team. The week after that, post videos of a podcast you did as well as sprinkling in behind the scenes photos. Do you see where I’m going with this?


The idea is to post similar things for as long as you feel excited about it. Share what you’re excited about in the moment, and then change it up slightly to something new.


Treating your social posting in this way will give your audience what they’re after, and will keep them coming back. They’ll feel like you’re an old friend who just travelled Europe and has cool stories to share.


Just keep it exciting, keep it valuable, and keep it relatable. Be yourself and keep your viewer in mind every time you share.


If this all sounds like too much, then please reach out for a chat. We’re happy to work with you, or simply just talk about your goals and marketing ideas.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA 


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