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The Successful Entrepreneur – Why the Best Business People are a Seamless Blend of Art and Science – Lessons Learned From Einstein

A photo for a blog about Why the Best Business People are a Seamless Blend of Art and Science and the lessons learned from Albert Einstein, taught by Jay Ashcroft of four32 Media, a professional videographer, photographer and marketing specialist who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

The other night I watched Christopher Nolan’s movie Oppenheimer. Up until I watched it, I didn’t realize that Oppenheimer was the last name of the father of the atomic bomb. I knew the film was about the invention of the atomic bomb, but I didn’t realize that was his name.


That was just the first of many surprises in the movie’s plot – the most surprising of which was Einstein’s involvement in the invention of the nuke. He was asked to help in the bomb’s creation, and he would offer no such help – however Oppenheimer and him walked in the same circle.


Einstein was an interesting figure. He’s become possibly the most important scientist to date, according to pop culture – I’m sure you’ve seen his quotes and image used time and time again.


The most interesting thing about the genius was the fact that his brain made perfect connections between both hemispheres.


When Einstein died, his brain was removed without his family’s permission, in the hopes that future technologies would be able to study it.


Well, what they found was that his brain had created perfect neural pathways between the left and right hemispheres.


Most of us are heavily weighted to one side or the other. We’re either scientific and analytical or we’re abstract and artistic – not always both at the same time.


But what if we could have both? And how can we learn to do it better from Einstein? The successful entrepreneur is able to seamlessly blend art with science, and the lessons learned from Einstein will endlessly help you in your efforts to become the best business person imaginable.


Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on Einsteinian history, but there’s something that’s always intrigued me about the guy.


I read his theory of General Relativity and took what I could from it – basically in laymen’s terms, if you’re sitting on a train, it doesn’t really feel like it’s moving, but if you’re standing beside a train track and watch the train go by, it’s very clearly moving extremely fast.


In essence, each experience and how we view said experience is dependent on a number of factors relative to our own understanding of them via the 5 senses.


I also read Einstein’s biography. He was an interesting chap. And what I found most interesting was his affinity for all things artsy. I mean, he was clearly a scientist. A theoretical physicist. But he was also tirelessly creative.


He enjoyed sail boats and relaxing in the country side. He slept for 10 hours per night, and took naps throughout the day as well.


Perhaps most interesting was his habit of plucking violin strings as he thought.


Now, how is this applicable to you as a business owner? Well – if you want to be successful with this thing, you’re going to need to act like Einstein.


And no, I’m not telling you to sleep 10 hours per night and have naps all day – I mean, if you’re anything like me than you operate better on little to no sleep.


What I’m proposing is that the ideal business person is able to blend theoretical and analytical thought and action with that of a creative flare.


To be grounded in math and sciences as well, as loose ended abstraction, is the ideal position to acquire.


You see, we really do need both. You’re going to need to be able to run the numbers, write business plans and create projections for the growth of your business. You’ll need to conduct experiments, collect the results and share your findings with your team so you can grow.     


You’ll need to think creatively, to solve problems on the fly. You’ll need to have an understanding of marketing, sales, and basic human psychology. You’ll need to have a feel for the things you can’t touch or measure, and you’ll need to understand how to use these things to your benefit.


You’ll need to be able to generate ideas, and bring them into the physical realm as well. After all, is business not just creation? Business, at its core, is having an idea and packaging it up for the consumer. Business is inherently creative.


So, what do you do with this information? How do you blend science with art for your business?


Well, start here. If you’re lacking in one or the other, perform some activities that nurture that quality in your personality.


Could you use some creativity? Go to an art show or see an old film. Talk with artists and creatives. Maybe you play guitar and you haven’t touched it for a while. Go pick it up.


Maybe you’re feeling the analytical side slip just a little bit. Write down a plan for the week with some action items. Re-evaluate your numbers and set some financial goals.


Watch a documentary about anything scientific and fill your mind with the analytical.


As you’re moving through this game of business, keep these ideas close – and always measure your success against who you were yesterday, and who you’d like to be tomorrow, and remember Einstein. Blend Science with art – that is the successful entrepreneur.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA


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