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Attention is the New Oil – Why Content Creation Should be at the Forefront of your Business Plan

This might come as a bit of a surprise, but there’s a new non-renewable resource that’s now even more valuable than fossil fuels.


This precious commodity that I’m talking about is people’s time. That’s right, attention is the new oil – and it’s infinitely more valuable than the black sludge ever was.


You see, while time is non-renewable, people are spending more and more of it on the internet.


Now, these stats are kind of alarming, so prepare yourself…


The average American spends 7 hours and 4 minutes each day looking at a screen. Worldwide, the average user spends 2 hours and 51 minutes looking at their computer screens and 3 hours and 46 minutes looking at their mobiles.


Those numbers are staggering!


Now, as someone who has any kind of online presence, it sort of seems like you have an important responsibility to your fellow man.


If we’re spending this much time on our devices, shouldn’t we be making sure that we’re sharing the best things imaginable for these users to pay attention to?


After all, we’re all moving in the same direction – on the same planet, one global species evolving together for better or for worse.


Now, maybe you’re like me and you’re a little bit old school. Maybe you’re thinking “These people need to get outside more – or read a God Damn book.”


While, yes – this is true – it’s also true that this is already in motion.


So, instead of trying to body slam an immovable object, why not join the global journey, but do your part to make it good.


You can create content that is educational, inspiring, uplifting or just straight up entertaining – raising dopamine levels and pushing for the changes that you want to see in your small community or on a global scale.


Really, we can’t control this thing – the gears are turning and it’s picking up speed, but as a small business owner – you automatically have an outlet to illicit the change that you want to see.


Be that change, and share it online.


So, what am I really talking about here? Like, technically speaking. Well, let’s consider a real estate agent for a moment.


In today’s online climate, I feel that it would be a mistake to just hop online and sell houses. Don’t do that – it makes the world a crappier place.


Instead, treat yourself like a brand – become an influencer of sorts – after all, as a real estate agent you are kind of like a personal brand. It’s just you, right?


So share beautiful photos of your travels to inspire people to change their own lives, do walk through videos with professional videographers, but make them fun and interesting for your audience online.


Have conversations with bright minds and have them filmed. Share these chats as individual clips.


Do charity events and share your successes with people. Have conversations online and be open to the input from others.


These same metrics can be applied to any niche in any industry. Be yourself, share your message, and remember that at the end of the day – attention is everything. Capture and hold it in a successful way, and your business will flourish.


As the years go on, the average amount of time spent per day on our devices is going to grow more and more. As remote working environments become the norm, people are working where they want, when they want – and they’re spending all of their time online.


Share information worth taking in, and you’ve won half the battle. Commit to doing it every single day, and enjoy the results of your hard work – that’s all there is to it.  


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA  


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