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Why Every Business Should Have a YouTube Channel

A photo for a blog about why every business should start a youtube channel, taught by Jay Ashcroft of four32 Media, a professional videographer, photographer and marketing specialist who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

Attention spans are dwindling and people want more and more, for less and less periods of time. However, those who can command the most attention, win.


So, would it not make sense to have your longform content live somewhere easily accessible?


This is why every business should have a YouTube Channel.


Look, I’m not suggesting you become a YouTuber here, but I will say that there’s always going to be value in being able to share the long, wide and unedited versions of your marketing videos with your audience.


Want to post long and wide on Instagram? Nope – ain’t happening. Folks want to see Reels that are no longer than 1:00 on Insta.


What about Facebook then? Nope. Same thing – on Facebook we’re aiming for a maximum watch time of 5 minutes which are also, yep – Reels.


But what if you have a full walk through video of a home? Or maybe there’s an interview between two business owners, giving a real deep dive on their business – these long form, wide screen videos need to live on YouTube.


Once you start to populate your channel, maybe you’ll have folks asking about a specific answer to a question in your business. You’ll likely have a YouTube video which answers it. Send it on over to them and solve their problem.


The beautiful thing is that YouTube videos are forever. Anyone can visit your channel and easily access the mass storehouse of all of the videos you’ve ever created. What’s further, you can search for anything on any individual channel.


Once you create a longform video, you can take the best if it and chop it up into short form, vertical content for Instagram and Facebook.


So here’s the full concept.


Create long form videos. They can follow any loose topic that you wish, depending on your industry.


Maybe you want them to be walkthrough tours of a house if you’re a real estate agent or a builder. Maybe you’re in insurance and you want to educate people. In this case you can write blogs, which can be repurposed as newsletters, and then that writing gets turned into scripts for YouTube videos.


Film the longform videos, chop them up, repurpose them for Facebook and Instagram and get the most out of your videos.


The best thing that we can do when marketing our products and services is to spread our efforts across a multitude of platforms. This means physical marketing, it means a website, blogs and newsletters, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


By adding a YouTube Channel to your marketing efforts, you’ll be able to create a storehouse of information that’s readily available for potential clients to watch.


If you need help with this process, we’re always here to teach or to just do it for you. Reach out today if you’re ready to get your YouTube channel up and running.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA


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