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What Kind of Videos Should I Make For My Business? A Deep Dive into Educational Videos

A photo for a blog on how use educational videos for your brand or your business, taught by a professional videographer who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

If you’re sitting there, racking your brain, “Gah! I know I need to make videos, I just don’t know what kind to make! What kind of videos should I make for my business?” Then believe me, you, you’re not alone. It is a tough thing to navigate!


There really are infinite options when it comes to deciding on which types of videos will suit your business best – however there is one time tested and infinitely valuable type of video that can always be shot, no matter the weather.


Strap in, we’re talking educational videos. And no – not the kind where you’re learning about the biology of a frog, or some kind of training bullshit for new employees.


The kind I’m talking about is a potent hit of pure dopamine for the potential client or customer, as they feel more and more opened up to your world.


You see, consumers make purchases when they feel that they feel that they can trust a business or brand. After all, they are exchanging their money for the value that you’re providing.


Any investment decision should be made along the fault line of trust.


Now, how do you gain trust?


You simply give away value before any monetary exchange has even happened. And I mean really give it away. Give it all away, share it in a big and loud way.


Because, you know what? It’s going to really set you apart from your competition. No one wants to do this. No one wants to just give away their secrets.

“I worked HARD to gain this knowledge, I’m not just going to GIVE it away! What if the competition steals it?”


Well I’m here to tell you – that the “competition” doesn’t exist. You made it up. The “competition” is just an excuse.


In today’s markets, there are so many opportunities and so many varieties of consumers you will literally never run out. And remember, most people aren’t even in the game.


So, what am I proposing here? I’d like you try and build a healthier audience online. I’d like to you share what you know about your industry and the specific type of work that you do.


You see, making educational videos about what you do will reaffirm, time and time again, that you're an authority in your niche. You’re simply the best option.


And why are you the best? How are consumers supposed to come to that conclusion? Well, they’ll come to that conclusion all on their own, without you even telling them.


Because as you slowly move that lever, you’re filling them with so much confidence and trust in your knowledge that your business becomes the obvious choice.


So, look at some of the bigger and more international Instagram and YouTube accounts in your industry. What are they doing? Needless to say – a lot of the time, they’re educating their audiences.


Now, go get inspired and start sharing that knowledge.


If that all sounds like too much work though – then you can always work with us.


Reach out today if you need a hand with educating your audience.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA


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