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AI Sucks and Why Human Creativity Will Always Come out on Top

Updated: Jul 1

An AI generated photo that messes up the hands.
Image from Buzzfeed: "Why Are AI-Generated Hands So Messed Up?"

Trigger warning, today I’m talking AI, and it’s vast arrays of uses in the digital creative space.


This is why AI sucks and why human creativity will always come out on top.


Let’s think about our diets for a moment. In mine, specifically, it’s all pretty natural. I go to Nicholyn Farms about once every month and a half for all of my eggs, milk, and pasture raised meats and fish.


Other than the odd bowl of ice cream or some other garbage every so often (I’m human), what I put it my body is clean, natural whole foods – nothing artificial. And this is a popular metric to run your diet by. Why shouldn’t it be? I mean, our ancestors did it, and for God’s sake it’s how my 93 year old grandma was brought up.


Let’s cycle again back to this statement – nothing artificial.


So then – if we consume content in the form of writing, photography and videos – why are we just sitting idly by and accepting that some of it is made almost entirely out of artificial ingredients. It’s garbage, it’s trash.


AI takes everything that has ever happened on the internet, and can create things based on what you type into a search engine. You can use video creation apps to make shit videos, and you can use photo creation apps for the AI to make uncomfortably average looking photos.


You can type stuff into Chat GPT too, and this will spit out whatever you want it to. But it’s all empty. It’s all artificial. I don’t know about you, but I don’t strive to be average, I strive to be above average.


AI takes the average of everything ever created and makes a carbon copy. Wow… Exciting…


By the way, have you ever seen the CEO of Chat GPT? He literally looks like that villain in one of the Iron Man movies – the one who lost his mind, got crazy jacked and then tried to end the world.


Moving on.


I use AI, I really do – and I think everyone should use it to a certain extent.


It’s become really useful for adding captions to Instagram videos – it gets it right most of the time – except for that one time where it just kept saying “you’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welco…” over and over. I never once said “you’re welcome” in the video itself.


And then there’s tags on photos that I upload to my website – and then there’s the AI powered SEO assistant for blog posting. That tool is just amazing.


And I think that this is what AI is for – again, looking back to Iron man. He uses AI, but it’s just his assistant. Tony Stark asks his assistant to do things for him – he doesn’t have it running the whole God Damn show.


In essence, it doesn’t matter what I say here. Folks will continue to get the robots to make videos and pretend photos for the sake of saving some time – and truth be told, I’m excited to see what the state of the internet looks like 5 years from now.


One thing is for certain – human creativity is original, flawed in a charming way and endlessly interesting.


Every time I see a photo or a video created by AI, I know it – and it makes me laugh. It’s the same shit, over and over again. The one thing that humans have that AI can’t replicate is a soul.


We want to be better, more original and more impactful each and every time that we create something. AI is a tool. It’s an assistant to the creative being. Don’t lean on it for all of your creation – even if the viewer can’t quite put their finger on it, they know that it sucks.


This was written using fully certified organic human consciousness. No artificial intelligence was used in the creation of this blog.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA


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