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The Art of Truth – How to Find Yours, and Then Package it up for The Public

A photo for a blog about the art of finding and sharing your truth, taught by Jay Ashcroft of four32 Media, a professional videographer, photographer and marketing specialist who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

What’s your truth? As a business owner, or a personal brand – as an individual. What do you and your company stand for? Well, the art of truth is something that's sculpted over time, and it hits you when you least expect it.


As the years go on, and your business grows more and more – you begin to sit into a groove, and this can go one way or another. Will the groove be good? Will the groove be bad? Our micro habits within our daily habits and rituals will dictate this.


When it comes to how you’re portrayed as a brand – your truth is everything. How well do you know it?


Let’s dive into how to find your truth, and then package it up for the public.


As AI is on the rise, and internet scammers are growing rampant – humans crave the truth, more and more. We want authenticity and we want it now.


But how can you find that for yourself? And how can you portray it properly?


Well, first you need to write about it. Writing makes the abstract physical, and it helps to organize your thoughts.


After that, you need to say it to the camera. Over and over and over again.


This is going to allow you to really see yourself for who you are. Do you like this person? Pretend that you’ve never come across this video before.


This person is a stranger and you’re seeing them online for the first time. If you don’t like the person, then why? What’s making you feel off while you’re watching? Don’t be shy, you know the truth.


Well, once you’ve honed in on that – make adjustments. Adjust your style or look, adjust the things that you say or the way that your voice sounds. Learn to love yourself in a humble and honest way.


And then? Just repeat. And this whole time you’re learning who this person is, you’re sharing it online. Don’t make the mistake of putting these projects in a box to collect dust.


Create, share and adjust live and in public.


You know, over the past 5 years of being in business, I’ve gone through 5 iterations of my business name – and I don’t regret one of them.


It was Jay Ashcroft Videography, and then it was Jay Ashcroft Media. After this is was Ashcroft Media Co., then it was Ashcroft Media Collective. Now, we’ve arrived at four32 MEDIA, and here it is to stay.


What’s the point? The point is that if I had sat there, stuck on the problem of what name to go with – I likely wouldn’t have gone with anything. I likely wouldn’t have jumped in to the industry and committed in the ways that I have.


Just get started, and do it publicly. No one cares as much as you think they do. But the ones who at least kind of care, they’re the ones that matter. And they’re the ones who will resonate with your messages.


These people are the ones who become your most loyal fans and genuine customers. By being honest, and authentically yourself, as a business in the public eye, you’ll love what you do all day every day, and you’ll love the people that you do it with.


Forget the status quo. Forget “fitting in.” The rules have changed, because there are no rules. If you’re ever having a hard time remembering this, just remember that there’s an 11 year old YouTuber named Ryan Kaji. His yearly income is approximately 16.6 million USD. Just get after it.


Why am I telling you all of this? Why do I care so much?


Well, I’ve been working through this process myself, and I’ve been seeing the benefits already. I love what I do every day, I love the conversations I’ve been having with people, and I’m proud of the work that I’ve been creating.


It’s put me in situations that have only happened because I was being honest in my messaging online. Give it a try! This stuff really does work.


If it all sounds like too much to dive into, give four32 a call. Not quite a marketing company. Not quite Videography or photography. Just something different.


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft,

four32 MEDIA


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