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So You Want to Make Some Content – Start With Why

A photo for a blog about making content and starting with why, taught by Jay Ashcroft of four32 Media, a professional videographer, photographer and marketing specialist who works with businesses in barrie, orillia, muskoka and toronto and the rest of North America

If you’ve been throwing the idea around to hop on the content creation train, and you’ve arrived at this point where you’re ready to hire a professional, do some deep dives into your psyche and come back with a few of these answers before you get going.


So, you want to make some content – start with why.


Why do you want to hire a pro to do it for you?


Are you looking to grow your audience online and gain some brand awareness?


Are you wanting to attract the perfect employees to grow your team?


Are you wanting to get leads that you can contact directly to get a jump start on client acquisition?


You know, there are infinite directions that we can take with your strategy, and that’s what sets four32 apart, in my humble opinion.


We care about our clients. We care about their investments, and we imagine that if we were in their shoes, we would make the same financial investment into content creation as well.


We don’t just make a video and then say “here ya go” and move on to the next one.


We do our best to get to know the client, and then to custom build a strategy for them. These strategies come into form of the substance of the content itself, as well as the distribution methods of the content.


So, say you were looking to make some new hires. We would push you in the direction of a recruitment video. We would come out to your place and get to work. We'd grab some b-roll. Then we’d interview you and get the narrative that we need.

From there we’d sculpt a short hiring film using footage of your business in motion, and pulling from the interview to form a narrative of your story.


From there, we’d make two versions – one will live on the careers page of your website, and one will be a vertical short – shared as a reel on Instagram and Facebook.


We would communicate with collaborators in your network on your behalf, requesting that they share the video for us to help it get some traction. We would go in depth on our copywriting, including the information required with a call to action for applicants.


This has worked for us time and time again, and we always recommend using this method for the hiring process.

But what about if you have a different “why” for your content creation journey? What if you were finding that potential clients navigated nicely through your website, but in looking over your analytics, they pull out at the eleventh hour and don’t fill out your form?


In this instance, we would gather a collection of 3 of your best and most raving clients. We’d shoot a series of testimonial videos with them and then stitch these clips together with b-roll we’ve acquired from the work that you do.


Testimonial videos tend to perform well when convincing customers to make a purchase. They provide social proof, and they always tend to help a potential customer to trust you enough to either buy your product or get in touch about your services.


Now, this list goes on and on – but what I want you to remember here is that we put strategy first. We aren’t just making videos and taking photos for fun. We get to know our clients, and we ask them “why” – every single time we start a conversation.


If you’d like to work with videographers and photographers who ask why, then reach out today!


To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA


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