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How Can Marketing Help My Business?

Case Study: SteveBuilt Inc.

It’s one thing to come on the internet and just tell people how to market their business and it’s another thing to show you how we’ve done it with an existing one.

Let’s take a look at the strategies we used with SteveBuilt Inc., a Niagara based construction company.

We’ve been doing their marketing for just over a year now and it’s made a huge difference for their brand, their recruiting process and in creating trust with their followers and potential customers.

Their website needed to be reworked and they had to up their game when it came to social media management & content creation.

Our Strategies and Services

We all know the key to a perfect fitting suit is custom-tailoring.

Well, that’s exactly how we approached SteveBuilt with the type of services that we offered them - after the “discovery” phase, where we went over their business goals, we put together a package of services that addressed their specific needs.

This involved social media management, website development, photography, videography, copywriting services and Google My Business management.

The Process

We rebuilt their website from scratch using updated photography, videos, copywriting/branding and a newly designed questionnaire to help them find their ideal clients.

To create the content that we used for their social media platforms and their Google My Business page, we visited the team on location during their projects throughout the year to document the process.

After they completed their projects, we’d also head back to the homes to take photos/videos to help market the finished product.

We also had their team come into the four32 Media studio in St. Catharines, Ontario to update their employee photos.

Team photos for SteveBuilt Inc. taken at the Four32 Media studio
Studio photography

When they needed help recruiting reliable, skilled and experienced carpenters, we created a specific ad campaign that was dedicated to finding them the right candidates - and guess what? It worked!

Using consistent copywriting strategies was key to solidifying their brand identity with their followers.


We started to provide our services to SteveBuilt in October, 2021 - as you can see, we saw positive results in their Instagram and Facebook platforms soon after.

Analytics are a huge tool for our team.

We measure what’s working and what isn’t along the way and then we adjust our strategies accordingly so that we’re constantly improving and adapting.

This kind of approach is essential when it comes to growing brands and building trust with an audience.

What’s Next?

We’re looking forward to watching where 2023 will take SteveBuilt - exciting times are on the horizon as our marketing strategies continue to evolve for them.

Are you ready to take your business to new heights with marketing strategies that work?

We provide strategic video packages, social media management, brand awareness videos, headshots and commercial photography services.

If you're interested in having a conversation about how to grow your business, we'd love to hear from you.


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