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My Son The Hurricane - I Said God Damn

'Hailing from Niagara/Toronto, the perennial festival closers and dance floor inciters mix New Orleans style grooves with funk, jazz and hip hop. My Son the Hurricane has "stood out like a sore, yet extremely talented thumb at every show they've played" (Pulse Niagara), and have become revered for their live performances.' -

My Son The Hurricane is a huge challenge to shoot, and I love the process of shuffling these funk beasts into a composition and lighting 'em all up. Members of the group include:

Emcee / Jacob Bergsma Vocals / Sylvie Kindree Drums / Danno O’Shea Bari Sax / Victoria Cox Bari Sax / Phil Skladowski  Percussion / Cooper Hannahson

Trombone / Alex Duncan  Trombone / Justin Williams Guitar / Chris Sipos Bass / Fraser Gauthier Trumpet / Troy Dowding Trumpet / Max Forster

Check out their website, and give them some love and support in this challenging time the world has found itself in!

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