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Audit Your Instagram Profile – What Every Instagram page Should Include

As much as we don’t really want to care about it, what your Instagram page reads at the top says a lot about you and your business.


By presenting yourself exactly how you want to, you’ll be helping new visitors get to know you a little better – all while reminding previous visitors of what you do and why they should even care.


For starters, let’s take a look at the name. This space, yes, should include your name – but it should also include what you do as a business.


For example, the name section on our profile reads four32 MEDIA | VIDEOGRAPHER + PHOTOGRAPHER.


Now, yes – we do other things. I’ve been known to dabble in website development/maintenance and to put together digital marketing strategies – however, videographer and photographer are the best searchable terms for the work that I do.


Videography and photography are the things that I’m best at, and it’s how I like to present myself and my business.


So why does it matter that we have our services or products in our name sections? Well, the name section of each Instagram page is actually the only area of writing that is searchable.


Meaning, that if you put this information down in your bio, it won’t appear if a potential client is searching for a videographer or a photographer.


Another example of this is the name we’ve chosen for our construction company client. Their profile name reads SteveBuilt Inc. | Niagara Contractor.


Now, every time someone searches for “Niagara Contractor” SteveBuilt is more likely to pop up in their results – especially because we use geotagging as well as location tags in all of their posts.


As we move down the Instagram profile, we come to the profile image. This image should be clear, concise and eye catching. Use your logo, and make sure it’s a high quality image.


If you don’t have a logo, or would prefer not to use one – use a photo that is minimalist and clean.


In the bio section of your profile, you should be using simple language that anyone can understand, and it should give the reader a very clear understanding of what it is that you do.


My bio is as follows:

Digital creator

📍 Barrie, Orillia, Muskoka, Toronto

🎬4K Videography

📸Professional Photography

📋 Events, Strategies + More

From this bio, its’s super clear what four32 does, and I use a few pieces of imagery at the start of each heading to catch the viewer’s attention.

Underneath the bio I’ve filled out my links appropriately – be thorough with this and make it easy for your profile visitors to head where you want them to.

My links include my website, as well as my YouTube channel. The website is where they can get a better idea of what I do and if they head over to my YouTube, they can see my longform content.

And there you have it! This is what every Instagram page should include. By paying attention to the little details on your Instagram profile, you’ll give your followers a better idea about what it is that you do, and they’ll be more likely to follow along for more.

To Your Success,

Jay Ashcroft

four32 MEDIA


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