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So, you want to incorporate photography and videography into your marketing strategy. But what does that really mean? four32 MEDIA takes a deep dive into your business and the way that it operates. We prioritize understanding your goals and the challenges that you face every day. Getting to know you and the way you run your business opens a direct line to the root of your motivations. We think different because we are different.

We apply a results based approach to our creative products and services. This allows us to use photography and videography as tools to reach a wider audience and reach your business goals faster. 

Jay (of four32 MEDIA) has always delivered a highly-produced and creative product that not only exceeded our expectations, but those of our partners as well.

Along with his talent, Jay is a joy to work with and a true team player.

He approaches each task with a high level of confidence, but always

understands the value of receiving feedback from the client in order to

meet their needs. It’s an honour; and I do so with pride, to provide my

recommendation for four32 MEDIA.

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Vittoria Wikston


Senior Manager, Marketing & Community Development

Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games

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Step 1:

Book a discovery meeting with us so we can get to know you a little better. In this 30 minute meeting, we'll ask you a number of questions that will give us a better idea of how we can meet your needs. We'll ask about any previous video marketing strategies you've explored, as well as if you've used commercial photography as a means of building brand awareness online. 


Step 2:

Book a follow up meeting. After we've had our initial conversation about your business direction, four32 will take the information we've acquired and put together a strategy. We'll go over the marketing strategy that we've crafted to get you the results you're after. We'll also discuss any costs associated with the project and cover any potential dates and timelines associated with the project.    


Step 3:

Now it's time to start the campaign. four32 MEDIA will collaborate with you and your business throughout the entire pre-production, production and post-production process. 


four32 MEDIA creates content rich marketing strategies, utilizing the power of videos & photographs to grow brands and expand business opportunities. We're confident in what we do, and we know that the content that we create is only as strong as the strategy that reinforces its message. A complete list of what we do for small businesses can be found on our services page.

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